So what’s this all About?

This is a blog about programming, and showing people how to program, and sometimes about the point of programming. Also, I’m Andrew. Hello.

Sometimes this blog is about this guy.

People have a hard time getting started with programming, and that’s a damn shame, what with the demand for software developers being larger than ever. The problem? I think people associate Programming with Programmer, and Programmer with the declaration of a job role.

You might be one of these People, but I hope you’re not. Those kinds of People are wrong.

Programming ≠ Profession

Here are the two definitions for “mechanic” that show up under Google:


  1. a person who repairs and maintains machinery.
  2. a manual laborer or artisan.

And here’s Google’s single definition for “programmer”:


  1. a person who writes computer programs.

That’s it. A bit different, yes? A bit lighter in the requirements?

You don’t need to be a professional programmer to benefit from basic programming knowledge. The same way you don’t have to be a professional mechanic to change your own car tires, replace your spark plugs, or change your own oil. If you spend more time in front of a computer than you do in your car, then this blog can save you time (and maybe even money).

But you’ve got to start, and starting scares people.

And why wouldn’t it? You don’t want to mess up your machine! All your stuff is inside there! Your documents and your songs and your vacation photos and your emails. To start writing something that could accidentally delete all that is a little daunting. Well if you’re scared for that kind of reason you REALLY need to back up your files. It’ll help you sleep a lot better at night. After loss of personal data, there’s no real reason to not go hog wild to see what your computer can do. Running programs can be halted, operating systems can be reinstalled, and software rarely, if ever, breaks hardware.

Mistakes = Learning

Starting to program is like popping the hood of your car, poking around, and getting shocked by your car battery.
Learning how to program is not doing that next time.
Learning how to program is like changing your spark plugs for the first time because you read online that keeping those clean were important.
Learning how to program is realizing you could have just cleaned your spark plugs by wiping them off and you should have not bought six brand new plugs and dear GOD you are so STUPID.
Learning how to program is not doing that next time.
Learning how to program is doing stuff like this over and over again, differently each time, for a long time.
Then someday you’ll be changing the timing control on your spark plugs because you know that the engine can lock up in the cold and winter is coming so better adjust the ECU and change the oil to a lighter weight while you’re at it and-
Maybe you’re actually Knowing a thing or two now about this stuff.

My Point =

The thing is you’re never going to Know a thing or two about programming unless you spend a long time Learning, and you’re never going to spend a long time Learning until you forget how long you’ve been Learning in the first place. And you’re never going to start Learning until you pop that hood.
Now stop worrying whether you’re a coder or not and start exploring.